Courses for residents

You live in Bordeaux  and are looking for French lessons given by an expert teacher who will enable you to gain considerable time in learning the language ?

We offer French language classes, lasting 60 or 90 minutes, at the rate of one, two or three times a week, depending on your availability and what best suits you. You can opt for a one-to-one course or for a small group at the same level.  You can also form one with friends, colleagues or your spouse !

French courses in the centre of Bordeaux

Classes take place at the Franc Parler School located two minutes from the city centre, 35 rue Boudet.

Prices will vary according to number of sessions per week and number of participants.

miroir eau bordeaux

Make contact by E-mail or by telephone and we can meet up to discuss your requirements and your goal in learning the language !

A 1 hour one-to-one session costs € 68

The Franc Parler School is an accredited training centre.

The Franc Parler School is a professional continuing education institution, specializing in teaching French to foreigners in Bordeaux and offers tailor-made training courses in small groups (3-4 participants) or in one-to-one sessions.

Courses to develop language skills specific to your sector of activity:

  • Learning specific vocabulary to be able to talk to other professionals in the same field,
  • Developing oral skills to be able to take part in working-level meetings,
  • Facilitating oral communication, making one’s case, developing fluidity in professional exchanges.

All public-sector employees in France with a permanent contract (CDI), having been employed for at least one year in their company, benefit each year from an individual Right to Continued Education (DIF) of a duration of twenty hours. Each year the full-time salaried employee with a permanent contract acquires 20 hours of DIF, which can be cumulated up to 120 hours.