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In this time of pandemic, with the resulting travel difficulties, we suggest that you continue learning French with online lessons by Skype, Teams, or Zoom.  Don’t hesitate to contact us!  During 2021, we are offering a 10% discount on all online courses.
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For several years I have regularly taken French classes at Pascale’s school

For several years I have regularly taken French classes at Pascale’s school; I need them for my work.  It was by chance that I went to Le Franc Parler the first time, but Pascale’s teaching style immediately pleased me so much that I have continued.  At the same time, I’m a big fan of the city of Bordeaux, so that that solution has doubly pleased me.  I go at least two times a year for a week of classes at Le Franc Parler and I have clearly improved my French.

At the start of the covid pandemic, when we were forced to give up traveling for the time being, I had to cancel my class at Pascale’s school. But we rapidly moved to the option of online classes and I have very quickly adapted to that new teaching method.  With Teams or Zoom, you can, with Pascale, learn almost as though you were with her in person.  We read, work on texts, correct pronunciation, and do grammar as though it were on a white board, or we even have engaging conversations about current affairs by Videochat.  Pascale has simply exchanged her favored flip charts for VideoChat and that really works great!

I really hope that I will be able to return soon to Bordeaux, but I must say that I am also very happy to be able to continue my courses in this way without interruption and without risk of infection.  It also has the very agreeable side of being able to work on HomeOffice.  I think that in the future this concept is going to develop.  In-person and online courses complement each other.  That’s the sort of hybrid formula that Pascale suggests.  As for me, by no means do I want  to give up my visits to Bordeaux, but I can supplement my French program with monthly online lessons.

Knut, 42, Germany