A typical week

Intensive lessons in a small group


As part of its French language learning courses the Franc Parler School offers various sessions, alternating between lesson periods, exploration of the cultural heritage of Bordeaux, and visiting the city centre.

The programme in detail

  • 20 classes a week
  • introduction to the wines of the Bordeaux region

After the class, your teacher will suggest you have lunch together in one of the small restaurants in the area to prolong the benefit of the class by more informal conversations in French.

Price: from € 590

Intensive one-to-one classes

20 classes /week
Price: € 1020


Host families

The Franc Parler School ensures comprehensive monitoring of your stay in Bordeaux. This includes accommodation of students in host families, all chosen with great care to ensure optimum immersion.

Lodging is comfortable and calm; all the families are personally chosen by the director of the centre.

Our guarantees:

  • One student per family
  • Native French speaking family
  • An individual bedroom with a desk
  • Some bedrooms have private bathrooms
  • Addresses are located in the city of Bordeaux, in the town centre (price category A) or further away but accessible by public transport (tram or bus) (price category B).
our best address

What do we call a family?

It can be a couple with older children who no longer live at home, most often it is a woman living alone or with high school or university-aged children. If you choose a host family, we will ask you for your preferences regarding the type of family and we will try to match ages and cultural interests, so that your stay will be a success!

Your stay with a family begins on Sunday and finishes on Saturday. Before coming, you will receive the address, telephone number and email address of your host family so as to best prepare your arrival.

€ 55-65/day – room and half-board in the family (breakfast and dinner), Cat A

€ 45-50/day – room and half-board in the family (breakfast and dinner), Cat B

Fees for finding host families: € 55

Furnished apartments

If you prefer to be autonomous, we suggest you rent a furnished apartment, in the historic centre.

Many websites offer weekly rentals: studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, in the heart of Bordeaux.

Hotels / B&Bs

All types of hotels are, of course, available, including Hotel-Apartments.

In the centre of town, you can find over a dozen 1 or 2-star hotels between € 70 & € 80.

If you prefer a B&B, there are numerous possibilities starting at € 70 per night.

So as not to favour anyone in particular, we suggest you check out the website of the Tourist Office in Bordeaux:



For stay with a host family, transport is provided by the family.

For other types of accommodation, we can provide any information concerning tram, bus and taxi to arrive at your lodging.

It is also possible to request private transport. You will be picked up at the airport or the train station and brought to your accommodation. Cost € 35.00.